Tuesday and Wednesday

Yesterday we got up fairly early and went for a walk across the weir and around the bridge in the Canning River Park. It turned out to be about 3.5kms, not 5 as I thought, so a fairly modest walk. The day was cool and fresh and very good for walking. The featured photo shows some graffiti on the path interacting with shadows from a bare branch. Below are some more photos from the walk.

Kent Street Weir Park7Kent Street Weir Park9Kent Street Weir Park5Kent Street Weir Park4Kent Street Weir Park1

We had breakfast at home and Stephen went to WASO in the evening. I picked him up at 9.30 p.m. I didn’t go for a swim as I felt having the walk was enough exercise, and it was too cool to go to the open air pool and too far to the other one.

I had a call from DSC to ask when I would be returning to work. I was hoping to avoid having to say anything and just defer going back. But, when I was offered some shifts for next month it was hard to give it up. I booked 5 shifts and was relieved when one was cancelled today. I also put in my availability sheet for March and may be offered more work. I have heard a rumour that full time staff may be offered redundancies, which seems mad when they obviously need relief staff. Enough to telephone me when I hadn’t made contact.

This morning we got up a little later and went up to Mum’s. When I rang her to say we were leaving she was confused about the appointment we were going to and thought I was late. I clarified as best I could, but realised when we got there that the appointment for the podiatrist in the afternoon wasn’t on her calendar. She has an appointment at 9.30 a.m. next week and she had put that in on the correct day.

I noticed that her curtains were drawn in the lounge. Robyne said she has been calling her talking about a man coming onto the verandah and shining a light in her eyes. This is during the day.

Mum now has her ACROD sticker for the car and her personal alarm from Silver Chain had arrived. Even I found the instructions a bit unclear, but we set things up and were able to contact the monitoring service. She would be able to press her alarm and speak with the monitoring service if there was an intruder on her verandah. She could ask them to phone the police for her. Robyne will speak with her about this when she sees her or speaks with her on the phone.

Jamie and Tracey were there when we arrived, and I was able to bring them up to speed about the 9.30 a.m. appointment though I don’t know exactly what it is for. Jamie said he would not go away for a longer period prospecting until May when it is cooler.

Stephen took some books back to the library and found a nice cafe to have lunch. We picked him up on our way home.

A lovely cafe in Mundaring
IMG_1270 (1)
Mum and I sat down with Stephen for a little while to enjoy the garden setting

Mum and I had lunch at the cafe near Coles, using the ACROD sticker for parking, then went to the podiatrist. Mum seems confused about whether she is or is not still driving as far as Mundaring on her own, or whether she only goes as far as the local IGA for food. I didn’t check her fridge, just hoped for the best.

We left when we got back as I know she would want to rest and it was easier to keep going than to stop, rest, then drive home.

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