Matt and Us

Yesterday we went to see Lesley and another OT person to learn about Matt’s new powered chair. We found out how they are training him and what the process is for Matt to get his own chair. At present, he is using a spare one that they use for trials. We enjoyed finding out more and confirming our own positive experiences in seeing him operating the chair on his own.

We had coffee at the Dome in Maylands, then did our shopping.

In the evening, Mike took the WVC for the rehearsal. Raelene is in a difficult position with her mother, not sure if she will be staying there for a few weeks or not. Anyway, next week’s choir is cancelled.

I have found the correct folder for my photos and videos of the Nullabour trip. In the process I also found some photos of Mum’s house and garden on the day she was moving in. I had previously found photos of the interior, but she was interested to see what the garden looked like, expecting that the bushes and trees have grown quite a lot.

The red capped plover at Eyre Bird Observatory.


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