Ten days since my last blog entry

A great deal has been happening and I have been getting very tired. This evening I am feeling quite happy however. We have a busy couple of days doing enjoyable things. We came to spend a couple of nights with Mum again. We arrived in the afternoon and the main event was having a locksmith get into her safe to find her title deeds, will and passport. All accomplished and she has a new key and pin no. for it. We planned on having a pork roast, which I got out of the freezer on Wednesday. Mum and I went shopping after the safe was done and bought some vegetables to have with the roast. It worked out well. She has been very ‘with it’ today and not complained about not being able to drive even once! I was sort of dreading that.

In a pile of papers in her bookshelf I found the Enduring Power of Attorney form which was filled out, but not signed and witnessed. So, at least we have confirmation that this is not an option, unless someone can talk her into it now. We can take steps to have a guardian appointed if necessary.

Last week I tried to find the Swan Shell where the wedding is to be held, but following Google Maps did not work out. Yesterday, after a meeting to discuss Matt’s new powered wheelchair, we went looking again and found it easily. Strange that we have been to that area of the Swan River so many times and not noticed it. The featured image is of the statue and fountain that form part of the setting.

So, last week I have done the full day course on dementia through DSC, spent Wednesday with Mum. We did a choir event in our normal rehearsal space where we sang ‘pass the song along’ and Mike and Lesley played music and did a video. Geoff Mortlock did a good sound recording. Mike was able to process a delightful mix of the four different versions we sang, with us in normal choir mode and dancing and moving about.

On Friday we went to the event ‘Will, England and St George’ at St George’s Cathedral with Eversley. we really enjoyed the evening of music, poetry, etc. The following photo is from the balcony scene.


On Saturday we took the caravan up to Mum’s and parked it in her garage. We stayed the night, sharing some food that I had cooked in the slow cooker during the week. In the morning Robyne came. She and I tidied things up and put stuff away before going out shopping and to Jamie and Tracey’s place for afternoon tea.

Jamie was still away and Tracy went away for about four days, which is why we stayed with Mum. The home open went well, apparently. Mum has had an offer of $460,000, more than we hoped for, but the person has to borrow 95% of the purchase price, so we are not totally sure it will work out. Stephen and I stayed with her until later on Monday (Anzac Day), then went down the hill to see Matt. Francis offered us some shepherds pie that they were having, which we much appreciated. I fed Matt his tea.

I worked at Koolunda on Tuesday morning, then went up to see Mum again on Wednesday. That was quite a difficult day, even though Jamie dropped in for a while.

I went to see Jamie and Tracy afterwards. Their plan is for Tracy to be the main carer, with help from us, and she will apply to Centrelink for a Carer’s pension. I expect this has been what Jamie had to offer her. It will mean she doesn’t have to do cleaning. She said she sees herself as being more of a ‘companion’ for Mum at present. With Jamie home it will not be problem I think, but he will be going away quite a lot. Tracy only wants to go away for a week in July, and we should be able to cover that for her.

We had a choir rehearsal of practicing our union songs for Sunday (May Day). This morning we had our next China lecture, then came up to Mum’s.

And here am I up to date. I was feeling quite depressed about coming up here, but today has worked out well and we are all looking forward to going to the wedding tomorrow.



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