Travels with the Winnie: Day 52

Winton to Longreach

We enjoyed our overnight at the hotel. We rang up and booked a caravan park at Longreach and also booked our stay in Warick. We were a bit worried about getting accommodation there because we arrive during a Jazz Festival and we wanted the particular caravan park that is close to where Graeme lives.

Before leaving we did a small amount of shopping, including buying some diced beef at the buther’s shop. We filled up with fuel, but did not dump our toilet cassette as already it was taking time to get out of town and there is a public dump point here in Longreach. Unfortunately we were tired when we arrived and after booking into our park, we had to make a special trip to the dump point – which made me vow to always visit dump points before leaving in the morning!

For a couple of days we have been noticing that we have a leak at the back. Looking underneath, it appears to be a problem with the clamp on the grey water hose. Now, if it was our fresh water we would have had it fixed immediately, but we want to empty our grey water, so this method means it empties itself. However, we will need to get it fixed in the near future.

Stephen is still feeling under the weather, and has had a headache for a couple of days. We are not sure what is happening and hope very much that he hasn’t contracted a serious viral infection, such as Ross River Virus. He couldn’t drive today, and although I didn’t find it too stressful to do the full day of driving I am still very tired. Part of it is that there are clouds and a sense of the air being very heavy.

We are in a funny spot in the caravan park parked up against a fence, with no slab or definite site, but have made sure that we have room for our slideout. I’ve put the meat and some vegetables into the electronic pressure cooker, and it will mean we have enough for two or three extra meals, apart from tonight.

I have a few photos from our first stop on the way this morning. They show the clouds which have been around the whole day.

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  1. I hope Stephen will be ok … I still have a cough and I’m blowing my nose a lot so though the cold has gone, I still the affects of it a week later. I’m doing my first ‘no sleep’ night starting at 9.00pm to 7.00am and I have been sleeping off and on all day. It will be interesting. I’ll take my iPad tonight and try and amuse myself.

    Take care Susan and Stephen
    Robs xx

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