Travels with the Winnie: Day 51

Winton Rest Day

Nothing that much to report. We decided to have a proper lunch at one of the hotels so that we don’t need to do very much for tea. A $14 beef roast with vegetables was good value. We have walked around the main street area looking at notices about the history of Winton.

We rang up this morning and secured a unpowered site behind the Great Northern Hotel in Winton. We have access to their toilets and there is one shower between everyone. I wanted to do some washing, but the little laundromat did not look very clean and someone said the washing machines were dirty. I did some hand washing in a bucket, using their water, and we put it outside the Winnie for most of the day, then inside.

outside the hotel (1 of 1)
Outside the hotel
patio at hotel (1 of 1)
outdoor patio
threatening sky (1 of 1)
threatening skies

We are having a cloudy day, with patchy rain. Stephen doesn’t feel well, the cold appeared to have left him, but now he has phlegm and is spluttering and doesn’t have much energy.

I had read about the chicken races held here, and we went to watch. Very funny, with the money going to good causes.

Art Deco interior (1 of 1)
art deco interior
auction for chickens (1 of 1)
auctioning the racing chickens
Banjo Patterson etching on glass (1 of 1)
etchings of Banjo Patterson
chickens racing (1 of 1)
Racing chickens
chickens racing2 (1 of 1)
Racing chickens

My younger sister Robyne reaches her special birthday (60) this year, and we won’t be here to help her celebrate. There is always a cost to being away.

We tried to contact Matt on FaceTime, but his iPad wasn’t connecting to his house wifi, so we talked on the phone. A little later they had managed to get it working and we had our FaceTime session after all. Happy!


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  1. Hi Susan and Stephen
    Younger sister here…I know you both will be thinking of me on my 60th, thank you 😄 🎂🎂🥂🥂🍾🍾

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