Goondiwindi to Moree 24/7/17

I didn’t get around to the blog last night, so catching up this morning. On Monday night at Goondiwindi Stephen had a bad episode of gastric reflux. He was able to get a pain relief puffer (Penthrox) from paramedics. He had ECG at the hospital emergency department. There was a long wait to see a doctor, and as the pain had receded he decided to call it quits at about 11.30 p.m., so we went home to sleep. We took the Winnie to the hospital in case we were going to be there overnight.

We were able to slot into our spot at the park, turned off the alarm clock, and slept until about 8.30 a.m. We took it easy in the morning and then went into town to the bakery for some fresh bread before heading to Moree. Last night we were at the showgrounds in Moree, $22 per night with water and power. There are toilets with hot showers and a laundry. As good as a caravan park, with lots of space, and much cheaper. Plus there is no 10.00 a.m. deadline for getting out. Stephen was told we could stay until mid afternoon if we wanted to.

showgrounds Moree (1 of 1)
We set up camp with awning out and washing.

Mind you, we were told about meals at the Moree Services Club nearby, and after a walk into the town centre we went there for a meal. We signed on for temporary membership and, for once, had individual meals rather than sharing. Afterwards, we were invited to take the Courtensy Bus home. The driver showed us the Aquatic Centre which has public hot springs available very cheaply at the concession rate of $6.00, or normal for $8.00. Many of the caravan parks and hotels also have hot spring pools available.

I was all for staying another night to explore the town, which has attractive buildings, both older style and Art Deco, which we couldn’t see clearly in the dark. Going to the Aquatic Centre was also on my mind. This morning Stephen said he didn’t feel up to driving, so what did I want to do! I, of course, chose to stay another night to have a rest and get ready for the next two days of driving to Bourke.

Art Gallery Moree (1 of 1)
I will take another photo in daylight. This building now houses the Art Gallery.

We were watching the 4 Corners report on theft of water from the Murray Darling by cotton growers and other businesses. It makes a difference to hear about these things when we are in the area and on our way to Broken Hill, the town that almost ran out of water because of the theft. I hope the report sparks outrage and something is done about it. Many people do care about the environmental damage of so much water being taken out of the river illegally. I suspect that the cotton growing and other businesses will do very well indeed on the amount of water they are legally entitled to, it’s just that they get greedy and want more and more.

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