Crossing the Nullabour: Day 6

Tammin to Westonia Saturday 23rd March, 2019

The wind stayed around all night. We slept quite well, despite occasional rocking and very bright moonlight. Trucks came and went from the roadhouse, without disturbing us. We started the day our usual way with a cuppa, then had our washes and breakfast. We used the slideout as the wind was coming from a slightly different direction and did not impact on its awning.

Overall, we felt that our accommodation went from 5 star to about 1.5 stars, going from hot and cold running everything to having to think about our water usage and ration electricity. This is probably just the contrast as we have had small trips where we free camped every night. Of course, the payoff is in getting ready to leave as there is far less to do.

As well as a coffee at the roadhouse we bought fuel and asked if we could fill our water container. I checked on the roadhouse shower and it actually looked quite good, an ensuite style set up. Stephen said that the men’s looked quite dirty. We were on our way at about 9.30 and reached Westonia at 11.30.

When we checked on weekend opening hours for the museum, it is only open from 10.00-12.00 and we decided to save visiting it until the morning. We will only stay one night here as we want to make up a bit of time. Tomorrow we will get ready to leave (dump toilet and fill up with water), then spend an hour at the museum (and perhaps the Gallery Cafe), then head off.

To fill in today we went to visit a couple of sites: the Boodalin Soak and Edna May Gold Mine. We plan to spend the night at a free camp site at an old church. If interested, the excellent town website tells all.

soak (1 of 1).jpg
Boodalin Soak, where we had lunch

We went for a walk around the town and along a short section of the walk trail between 5.00 and 6.00 p.m. For tea we have had some left over roast meat that we had in the freezer. Last night we had left over Chinese food from our last meal at Roleystone. The battery is a bit lower than we would like so rather than watch TV (using the Apple TV and internet) we will listen to a podcast or two.

gold mine (1 of 1)
Edna May Goldmine
gold mine4 (1 of 1)
Working truck
picnic table (1 of 1)
We have seen a few living trees felled and there is evidence of recent heavy rain. We will have to ask the locals if they have had a recent storm.
church (1 of 1)
The church where we are camped
Westonia Pub (1 of 1).jpg
Westonia Tavern
Westonia tree (1 of 1).jpg
Beautiful tree on the edge of town
Westonia street (1 of 1).jpg
Westonia Main Street
Westonia History (1 of 1).jpg
There are several little sheds like this showing past shops and businesses.
Westonia walking trail Stephen (1 of 1).jpg
Stephen enjoying the Westonia Common
Winnie spot (1 of 1).jpg
our spot for the night




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  1. On your way at last!! Are u happy for the Memoir group to have your blog address?

    • Yes, they may have the blog address. I feel shy to offer it to people as not everyone is interested in travel blogs.

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