Crossing the Nullabour: Day 7

Moodini Rest Area to Eucla 28th March, 2019

whispy clouds with half moon (1 of 1).jpg

Whispy clouds with half moon at Baxter Rest Area yesterday morning.

leisure seeker central (1 of 1)
Leisure Seeker Centrale: there were only two of us, one with maroon accents and ours with green. We chose our camping spot without really checking around us, and then realised. There were lots of sites in this beautiful cluster of mallees off the Eyre Highway. I checked out the other van closely, but did not like to take a photo of it. You can see it hiding through the trees.
neighbour (1 of 1).jpg
Another neighbour last night at Moodini Rest Area

We have changed our clocks over to the next time zone and woke early this morning. Our internet at Moodini was very slow, almost non existent, so we enjoyed our cups of tea without Ipads this morning. It was very relaxing.

The drive to Eucla was on a fairly scrubby plain below a bluff which is just visible in the distance.

landscape (1 of 1).jpg
Eyre Highway on the way to Eucla
Eucla (1 of 1).jpg
Our camping spot at Eucla. The featured image is a view from close to our van. We have a view of the sea from our van. Of course, it is quite a long way in the distance.

Today has been very hot, it was 36 degrees when we arrived at Eucla. We got here before lunch, which meant being able to get a spot overlooking the plain to the sea. We usually try to get one of these spots and accept not being completely level for the sake of the view.

We sat outside part of the time, and inside with the air conditioning on for part of the time during the afternoon. I couldn’t resist putting on a load of washing and almost everything was dry by the time we had to bring things inside. We had an offshore wind earlier, now the wind is coming from the sea, bringing potential rain clouds.

The electric pressure cooker has come out and we have a meal of meat and veggies keeping warm now. I just need to add some greens. It’s lovely to have electricity again, although camping in the bush is really special (where we only have gas for cooking and heating water) and we have recovered from our feelings of deprivation on the first couple of nights of the journey.

The new fridge is working out really well, it’s so nice to just let it do it’s thing without all the babying we had to do with our old fridge. Our gas bottle is lasting much better as well, before it seemed we could only camp about four nights without running out of gas, whereas now we have done about 10 days (Pinaroo Point and on the road) on one gas bottle.

Time for dinner.




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