On our last day at Shelley Beach we stayed until quite late in the day. The ranger arrived and we paid for the two nights we were camping there. Saturday proved to be a very busy day at Shelley Beach because of the paragliding from the lookout area. I was able to get lots of shots of them in the air and landing on the beach. It was very interesting and they have amazing skill at staying in the air and sometimes weaving around another flyer.

On the way back to Albany we took a detour to book ourselves into the Golflinks car park for the night. We joined our friends at the Captain Stirling Hotel in the evening. A local choir has a meeting there once a month as a way of attracting new singers. We arrived a bit late to join in as they had been practicing for an hour or so when we arrived. They were in the courtyard and as it was a very pleasant temperature it made for a perfect setting, with walls around to help with the sound. The end result was surprisingly good, with three part harmony.

The drive back to the golf links in the dark did not seem far. Although we missed the ocean overnight it was pleasant there in the morning with bushland around us and lots of bird sounds.

We were able to book Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights at the Golf Links, but that left Sunday night. There is a big parking area between the IGA and the Transperth Bus Station, and our friends have camped there for one night and there is a blue campervan that seems to be permanently camping, so we felt fairly sure we could get away with staying for one night, and we did.

Yesterday was a busy day as well, with visiting the laundromat for an hour or so to do a large load of washing, then off to a car wash to get the salt and dust off the van. It was our first time of going to a self serve car wash and we had trouble working out what exactly we wanted to do, but chose one pressure soap wash and one rinse cycle and left with a clean van. Stephen wanted to try out the showers at Middleton Beach so we went there and parked in a shady spot away from the beach for lunch. In the end, he decided not to try the Middleton Beach showers and we drove back to the town so that he could shower at the public showers. There are toilets available near the IGA/Busport, but the showers have been disabled. Still, he was able to go across the road to the showers he has used in the past.

It was noisier overnight due to being close to the railway yard for the dock, and rather well lit up as well, but very convenient. Our friends had told us about a live show at the Hilton Sunday evening, which is just over the railway, and we joined them for the show -4.00 to 7.00 p.m. The singer and pianist only had two short breaks in that time and proved to be very good entertainers. The music was varied, jazz and pop and only spoilt somewhat in that there was a lot of noise from people talking rather than listening. We had a snack from the bar to keep us going. We drove over to the hotel carpark for the show, then back to the IGA/Bus Station area for sleeping. The IGA provided us with a hot meal, and a cooked breakfast this morning. Plus Stephen went over and did some shopping this morning.

This morning, we’ve done some van services (emptying and filling) and are now parked near the Hilton where there is a marina. The wind is very strong today and we are glad to enjoy the views in the comfort of our van.

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