Lazy Day at Grove Park Golf Links

There is apparently a much more posh golf links at Middleton Beach, but we are happy to be here out on the Frenchman Bay road away from the city. We are surrounded by bushland and with lots of birds, including noisy magpies that woke us up this morning.

Yesterday afternoon we picked up Eversley at the Bus Station at about 3.00 and took her to her motel where we had a cup of tea and catch up before heading out for a meal and a concert at the Uniting Church in Duke Street. The singer and musicians were very good indeed and it was a wonderful experience. We walked back to E’s motel where our van was parked before heading back here for the night.

I had a quick shower at the motel before we went out to tea, and Stephen and I have our own dedicated bath towells for the duration of her stay. The room is very old fashioned, but large and well appointed. There are three comfortable chairs at the dining table, so it’s well set up for sharing.

As we have been very busy it is time for a day off today. I cooked a meal which has resulted in left overs, always a good thing. We have enough bandwidth here to watch the Ash Barty match on the iPad.

It has rained often overnight and today, but very light rain and showers rather than constant rain. It’s keeping things cool, but we’ve also had some sunshine and our batteries are well charged.

It is Australia Day tomorrow and plan is to arrive at Middleton Beach for 9.00 a.m. for the Welcome to Country and honours ceremony, whilst enjoying the Rotary Big Breakfast. There will be entertainment, children’s activities, and food and craft stalls.

We’ve kept saying to people that we don’t know when we will return to Perth because it depends on whether our van heater has arrived at Ken Peachey Caravans. We are booked in for February 2nd, but it’s no use going home for that date if it hasn’t arrived. In the end I sent an email, and the receptionist confirmed right away that it has arrived and she has seen it! Therefore we won’t get more time here in Albany, but at least we know it’s worthwhile leaving here on Monday next week. We can get home in two days and strip out everything from the van when we get home, ready for the work. The side panel of our bench seat has come loose again (I’ve repaired it with superglue twice), and it will be good to have the experts fix it for us.

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