Hippies on Tour: Albany with Eversley

A senior at the Senior Citizens Centre

The ‘hippies’ reference comes from a friend of E’s who was commenting on E’s blog post about us sharing showers, chairs, kitchen, and left overs, like hippies on tour. So, we feel it’s our new name for holidays together.

On Wednesday we went to the Middleton Beach Australia Day celebration, beginning with a 9.00 a.m. Welcome to Country and ending with an afternoon of song and dance. In the end it felt like being at a music festival all day. We’d wander off in search of snacks, then come back to the marquee for whatever was on. We were having a few days of cloud and light rain, with jumpers and jackets necessary.

The first act that attracted a good crowd was an Indonesian Dance Group. They were very good indeed, with styalized movments and lovely costumes. After that came a band, some more dancing, and finishing off with a good band. Stephen got up to dance and attracted some ladies to dance with him. Eversley took a turn as well.

A few clips from the dancing. The music has been replaced with stock music to avoid copyright issues. The dancers were in time to the original music. In the end three ladies got up to dance with Stephen. Whew!

We went back to the motel for a rest and shared meal before Stephen and I headed back to the golf links for the night. On Thursday we met at the senior citizens centre for a meal. It wasn’t as cheap as the meals at Citi Place in Perth, but I’d have to say that the food was somewhat better quality. A good thing as they also do the Meals on Wheels service as well.

Then around to the Library for a documenary film about Paul Kelly. It was very interesting to see his career over many decades.

These ideas came from our friends Frederick and Shereene, so we have them to thank for finding out what was ‘on’ in Albany.

We spent the night parked outside of Eversley’s motel room after another shared evening meal. We also shared some drinks, but I looked at the two miniature bottles this morning and reflected that it didn’t look like we had seriously been drinking the night before. Perhaps it was enough because our glasses were so small! We tried to be fairly stealthy overnight in the van but it must have been obvious what we were doing to people around us.

This morning we were all up early ready to go down to the bus station. There were parents farewelling older children, we surmised that the kids were going back to school. We both felt sad to be saying goodbye to Eversley. We stayed in the carpark until her bus left, then headed off to get fresh water before heading off to Cosy Corner. It has been quite a few days since we were here and as there seems to be no rule about how long you have to wait before you can come back we assume we are legal.

We have three more nights to go before we leave for Perth. The plan is to have one overnight on the way. When we arrived here we took a space that was being vacated by a campervan. Since then we have realised that there are quite a lot of free spaces around, probably because of it being the end of the school holidays. Still, we feel happy with our camping spot, it’s just right for our van and feels a sheltered by the bushes.

Cosy at Cosy Corner.

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