Rain Art - out of the window last night
Rain Art – out of the window last night

Yesterday as we set off for shopping the rain came down quite heavily. We were well protected, so decided to push on as we had a few things to do. Although it was showering most of the time we were out the rain was actually very light and the temperature mild. We coped. Stephen went to the railway station for a special discount train card, we got two pay as you go SIM cards for our phones, checked out the library and a second hand clothing shop, and had a modest lunch at a very basic little cafe. 2 pound 20 for scrambled eggs on toast (1 slice of toast). It was just what we needed.

It was a difficult day in some ways with getting very frustrated over small things, most likely caused by jet lag. Still, we were pleased to have done some food shopping and Stephen was able to do his usual chicken curry for our dinner. We started getting ready for bed at 9.00 p.m. and were in bed at 10.00 p.m. We slept well and Stephen had to wake me up at 6.30 am for cup of tea.

So far we don’t have coffee making stuff and I am having some cups of instant coffee to help me cope.

I noted our safe arrival on Facebook and we rang Matt to let him know. Yesterday morning for us, yesterday afternoon for him.

We have a couple of planned outings with friends, and looking at the possibility of Ron coming to stay for a couple of nights next month. Apart from that we have yet to decide what we want to do. We have some more shopping to do, including things for the house (no vegetable peeler!). But we are sort of getting the hang of things with a lot of up and down the stairs because we haven’t learned to plan to avoid this. Also because we are using the shower downstairs rather than one of the baths upstairs.

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