Travelling Oz…Baxter RA to Eucla

This morning was the first time we had a sunrise. There were clouds around, but not consistent grey cover as on the other mornings of our trip. I rushed out to get some photos and video.

It was a very quiet night. We haven’t camped on our own like this so far on the trip and it was very peaceful.

Baxter RA sunrise
Baxter RA Sunrise

Today we planned to travel to Eucla, about 400 kms. We weren’t sure we were up to it, but by sharing the driving pretty equally we were here by about 4.00 p.m. Perth time. Of course, Eucla is 45 minutes ahead, so we had to try to adjust to the time difference. Once we cross into South Australia it has the same time zone throughout, so only one change for as long as we are in that state.

We had a lovely drive with many changes and some showers. We could see them in the distance as were drove towards them on the flat plane after Madura.

On arrival we got our good spot with a view, though due to the late time we didn’t have long to enjoy it before dark. Stephen rushed off for a shower and then we had dinner at the hotel, a shared meal which was plenty for both of us. We took a risk with masks off for eating. We also tried to get some planning done for the next stages of our trip. It was more tossing around ideas than actually making decisions.

On return to the van I went off for a shower whilst Stephen made us herbal teas. We have power tonight and I’ve put the heater on with a very low setting which is only possible when we are on electricity, for some reason. You can choose 800 or 1800 watts for the heating and the lower setting is just right to have a slow fan speed and not too much heat belting out. Sometimes I can get this setting on gas by choosing a cooler temperature, but mostly it belts it out on full fan speed.

We are enjoying just relaxing here for the evening.

Baxter RA Sunrise

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