Travelling Oz…Bunda Cliffs Campground

Bunda Cliffs sunrise

We have passed the Nullabor and are now back in farmland and bushland. Still about 850 kms to Adelaide which we are visiting to catch up with friends. Tonight’s location is called Cohens Old School Site which is about 20 kms from Penong. Back in the land of 4g – yay! Especially after not having a phone signal at all at Bunda Cliffs Campsite.

After leaving Eucla we planned a stopover I had long been wanting, to park on the cliffs for the night. We stopped at a viewpoint shortly after Border Village, but it was fairly tame with a gradual drop to the sea. Still it was a beautiful sunny day and lovely in the fresh air.

I had chosen the Bunda Cliff site on reviews, but we didn’t really know how good it would be. The day was fairly calm and that made it all the more enjoyable when we arrived as we could enjoy walking around during the afternoon and enjoy being outside until after sunset. Stephen chatted with a few other campers whilst I had a long afternoon rest, the first for a week, then wandered about with the camera taking far more photos than would ever be actually used, but enjoying myself.

The only downside to this site was the stony ground for driving. We worried about damaging our tyres and drove very slowly in and out. Even campers with much tougher vehicles and tyres than us were taking it very easy.

One of the other campers that Stephen spoke to was able to tell us what time sunrise would be and he also alerted me to the fact that around sunrise there would be misty updraughts from the sea along the cliffs. He had some good photos on his phone, although I looked for this phenonemon this morning I didn’t get the strong effect of the photos he had showed me.

Our clock was set for our normal time of 6.45 this morning and there was already light in the sky. We have, of course, now reverted to South Australian time, 1.5 hours ahead of Perth. I rugged up in Stephen’s big jacket and even borrowed his gloves which leave the fingers free as it was very cold outside. A wind had come up in the night, we could hear it and I closed windows in the van, but it wasn’t strong enough to worry us.

Wandering around taking photos I was very cold indeed, but it was worth it.

We were planning to go to the Penong Caravan Park, but having spent one night at Eucla Caravan Park we didn’t feel quite ready to stay at another caravan park so soon. I am thinking of the washing, but decided a laundromat would do, and there is actually a small one at Penong. We are now very close to Ceduna, where we can get water, dump the toilet cassette and do some shopping for much needed supplies. Tea tonight is going to be baked beans, eggs and toast, the best our pantry can offer. Still, we are looking forward to it, who wouldn’t!

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