Travelling Oz…Kimba

Friday night was spent at a quiet roadside stop. On Saturday morning we drove to Penong and checked out the laundromat. It seemed OK, though smelling a bit musty. We had a huge load of clothes, which finished up a bit wetter after washing than seems normal. As I found out when using the dryer, it took 80 minutes, two rounds of 40, to get our clothes dry. We had time to practice music (Stephen), cook a soup with the remains of our fresh vegetables (me) and have hot drinks from the local cafe. We also had a chat with Marie, just a bit of a catchup.

After a lunch of said soup with toast we headed to Ceduna. The dump point was our first port of call, then to a water point. We watched someone struggling to obtain their water after using two $1 coins. I went and banged on the post and after a little while a green light came on and the water flowed. We were able to fill our tank as well before putting another $1 in to cover our drinking water bottles.

The Foodland in Ceduna was still open in the late afternoon when we arrived and it was a relief to be able to buy fresh fruit, vegetables and salads, as well as a bit of other stuff. Feeling good about getting all of our tasks done we went out of town about 11 kms to a bush camp for the night.

Stephen suggested that we change our morning alarm from 6.45 a.m. to 7.15 a.m. The sun doesn’t rise until about 7.30 anyway, so it gives us a bit more time to rest. Even so, without hurrying, we were able to fit in 20 mins of Tai Chi (getting flexible before driving is a good idea) and get away by 10.30 a.m.

I had chosen a place to stay from Wikicamps, and old abandoned farm on a private property where you are able to camp for the price of a donation. It advertised toilets (but it was a bit grim) and a good, working dump point. The old farmhouse and barns were in terrible condition and it was altogether too shabby to be attractive, plus there was a fair bit of mud on the driveway. So, in the end, we just had lunch, then drove about 65 kms further along to Kimba. The free camp here gets very busy, but they have enlarged the area and added new facilities and we’ve managed to get a spot that is fairly level, with some privacy. Happy!

The only photo is this one of our meal the other night. I’ve not felt inspired in the last couple of days.

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