An afternoon of jazz at one of our local pubs

We have Joan to thank for telling us about the Sunday jazz sessions at The Oval. It was a typical older pub with low ceilings and modest prices. We asked to share a roast for lunch, and they gave us very generous servings, probably slightly less food than if we had paid for two meals. We were invited to sit at a table near the little stage area by one of the regulars, a nice man who has had throat cancer and cannot speak. He communicated by writing little notes. Name: Peter. His friend, who sat with us, Jim, is 95 and still gets around independently. We were reminded of the other day when we went for a walk in a park with Ken and were shown the way by a man of around 100, who was also quite independent, although he wore his gloves tied together with a long piece of string. Ken asked him why and he said that he was inclined to forget them, so this was the best option.

We are not normally that much into jazz, but the musicians were excellent and we really enjoyed listening to them. Our meal came when they were having a break, and we had finished when they started up again. They seemed to have a small, but avid fan base, some of whom stood at the bar for the whole two hours they were playing.

We have some packing up to do tonight and tomorrow for our little trip to Oxford for four nights. It takes a bit of planning to take just enough, not too much stuff. The photos were taken on my iPhone 6. No manipulation in Lightroom or Snapseed.

The musicians
Stephen making his cider last
The Oval Tavern – just in an ordinary looking street about 15 minutes walk from Maybourne Grange.

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