Travels with the Winnie: Day 58

(Soggy) Mitchel to (sunny) Miles

We felt somewhat back to strength today, and drove just over 200kms from Mitchel to Miles. We are gradually heading south, and are now in the area of forests and agriculture. The country is rolling, with lovely vistas.

We actually did have a leaking hatch, discovered later in the evening last night. This was after hours of heavy rain. We put a bucket under it last night, but even this morning there was still some water dripping, and as we drove, the drops went in different directions, so we had a bucket and a towell on the floor. We will have the hatch repaired when we return to Perth, in the meantime, just keeping an eye on the ceiling to make sure the is no water damage up there. The drip is in an open area and not affecting the cupboards or soft furnishings.

We will now be arriving in Warick on Tuesday, not Monday, and have changed our caravan park booking and let Graeme know. We have about 300 kms to go, quite easy travelling over two days.

We decided to try try the showgrounds camping for tonight. It’s not as good as at Barcaldine, but we have power and water without paying caravan park prices, seems good to us. Free camping is available near the river, and it looks much more attractive than where we are, but we are still not well and it makes life a bit easier. It seems to be peaceful here.

We stopped at one of the little towns on the way here. Apart from getting a cup of tea for me and a sugary chocolate drink for Stephen, we were able to buy an excellent fruit cake for $4.50, we have, of course, sampled it to confirm this.

They had lots of local arts and crafts, and a range of biscuits, slices and cakes.

As usual, I am including a photo of the Winnie at our camping site so I don’t forget it. This blog is so useful for helping us to remember where we have been and what we did there.

It was cloudy for most of the day, but cleared by the time we arrived here at about 3.00 p.m. So, here is the evening without a cloud in sight.


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  1. Good for Marie and I to know where you are too. I’m glad you are feeling a little better. It was a lovely day today. Just a small group of Marie, Roz, Gerry, Caitie and I but it was lovely. A lady took a group photos us but Caitie has the photo on her camera and I will put it up whe she puts the photo on FB.

    Luv, Robs xx

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