Crossing the Nullabour: Days 2-3

Roleystone March 19 and 20, 2019

Yesterday we took Mum to Midland for an ultrasound and they also opted for a mammagram. Very trying for her, especially as we had a long wait for the second test. She was very relieved to get back home again. It was a hot day again.

In the evening Marie and Glenn rang Matt to wish him Happy Birthday and we had a Facetime session with him later. He was very happy and talkative, I think it was indeed a lovely birthday for him. Jackie sent us a photo of his cake which had “Happy Birthday Mr CEO” on it, a reference to his now very sucessful pop up business.

This morning we rang the doctor who will be supervising the doctor who visits Mum’s hostel each week. He told us the results of the scan and asked if she has a written health directive. We said no, but she had often said in the past that she would not want to prolong her life and when I asked her yesterday if she wanted to have treatment she said ‘no’. He accepted this as a sensible choice. Of course, she will be monitored and looked after with symptom relief as necessary.

We consulted with the rest of the family and all appear to have agreed on this course of action.

Which makes it a bit tricky for going away as we don’t know how long she will be at this stage of being relatively well. My plan is this: for us to leave on Friday and be prepared to catch a bus, train or plane home in the event of a change in her condition.

We could cancel the trip or delay our departure indefinitely, but that feels a bit like willing something to happen – it feels better to be foolishly optimistic. I’ve bought my overnight bag with me specifically in case I have to get home in a hurry. We could get a bit better idea if Mum had more tests, but she would hate it and it feels selfish because it serves our interests, but basically doesn’t matter to her.

I haven’t done much today, but it feels as though a lot has happened.

inside Winnie (1 of 1).jpg
Our lovely bed
location2 (1 of 1).jpg
parked at Roleystone

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  1. Just catching up with your difficult decisions. At Rottnest for two days and busy weekend. Just back from daughter in laws 50th birthday celebration. Makes me feel old!!

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